IW2015- Week 4 Inspire

So if you have not joined the party yet, you are missing out on some really fun mixed-media inspiration wedesdays with Donna Downey...
This week we played with our golden paints in a similar fashion to week 1, but we also added stamping big images in the mix. Now how happy was I to use theses stamps that I've had tucked away for a while.. Yup, this is me, I buy stamps like crazy and then they end up stored and not used for a long time. So... this year, I am trying to use my stash more...
We started by adding text paper to our journal, and then we played with paint washes.

While looking at the text paper... guess what I saw... My name...
Well, the text was more around the Country of France, but who cares right...
I thought this was just too funny.

Wishing you a great day and hope you are part of the IW learnings.


Étape 6 La Route des Scappeuse: Irelande

Irelande.. Irelande.. Irelande... Je rêve de visiter ce pays depuis des années. Et quel Artiste Irelandaise que l'on admire tous depuis un bout: Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair).
J'ai eu l'opprotunité de prendre quelque cours avec elle il y a plusieurs années lors d'une de ses visites dans la région de Montreal. Elle a unstyle très unique et assez facile a reconnaître avec ses touches d'embellissements métalliques, ses ajouts de texture, de medium et ses taches de thé ou café sur ses pages.
Son blogue: http://tworzysko.blogspot.ca/
Depuis 2 ans, elle a maintenant sa ligne de produits et j'avoue qu'ils sont dans mes préférés au niveau Mixed-Media.
Le défi demandé est une page avec des dégradés de couleur, dans mon cas, un beau bleu, turquoise et jade.
Si vous ne la connaissez pas, je vous encourage de faire un tour sur son blog, vous serez pas déçu.
Bonne journée !

Art Journal Dina Wakley style

The birds... oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE thoses birds.
So last thursday was my Art Journal Class at Passion Collimagination. We had fun playing with Dina Wakley paints and stamps. Just Love the dry brush technique for the background. I had already made a similar page last year, but because I needed to show how to make the background, I made a 2nd page.  So... This time around I changed the layout and colors of my birds.
I have to say that mixing the orange and the green was a bit harder then when I did my birds in the red-orange hues. But I am LOVING the result.
I often say in my class : You have to Imbrasse Imperfection... Trust me that the class participants had fun repeating my phrase when I mentionned I was struggling with my birds.. LOL
So this time around, the birds reminded me of my sons. I felt I was the mother looking over her two chicks. So this page is dedicated to them, I am so lucky to have 2 wonderful boys and love them so much...
Thanks for a fun evening.. Can"t wait to do the March class.


Love Much

Happy Valentine's Day !!!
And Happy Birthday to my dear friend Marie-France Boulay (BadBarbie)
Here is a recent class that I taught in January, it's full of hearts, just perfect for Valentine Day
I just Love the quote:
Laugh Often, Live Well, Love Much
On this note, I wish all of you a wonderful day surrounded by your loved ones.


Art Journal Procrastination

Has it ever happened to you that you start working on a project that you never get the chance to finish? Well this is the case for my art journal page. I started the background back in November when I was teaching an Art Journal class, but never had the chance to get around and finishing it.
The stamp is not mine, but one I borrowed from a student in the december Art journal class, isn't it beautiful?
So all I was missing was my title, that I finally got the chance to glue down.
I Love making Art Journal pages, and especially like when I take my time to get one done. I am a speady type of crafter, so it's rare that I procastinate this much on a project, but I am actually glad I did in this case, because the stamp is just perfect.
So what do you procrastinate about...


La Route des Scrappeuses #5

La route d'aujourd'hui, vers le Royaume Uni, chez Magda Bolinska.
On the road today, it's tie to go to the UK and get to know Magda Bolinska
Le défi / The Challenge:
- photo de soi / a picture of ourselves
- 1 papier punché; qui a été poinçonné (avec un trou dedans). Les couleurs peuvent être flash ou vibrantes mais ce n'est pas obligatoire. / A paper with a punched image, Vibrant colors
- patouille, doodling  / Doodling
Je mes suis amusé avec l'aquarelle et j'y ai ajouté la touche d'un boutton Cuts2luv. Pour le titre, j'ai utilisé le superbe stencil de Donna Downey, coloré avec des encres.
I had fun with watercolor vibrant colors and added a lovely button from my Cuts2luv collection. For the title, I used my new Donna Downey stencil with vibant ink colors. Just love that stencil.
J'adore le couleurs vives de ma page, et le résultat final. Est-ce que vous osez les couleurs vives?
I am loving the vibant colors of my page, do you play with vibrant colors?


Challenge #15 Color Challenge Pretty Girl

Challenge #15: Color Challenge  {  I am.......}
Use the affirmation:  
"I am________ " in your title or journalling with this color combo.

And my page for this challenge:

My journaling: I am happy to spoil you rotten.
Now who is this Pretty Girl?  This is Emma, she is the daughter of my niece Audrey. She is just adorable. I am enjoying buying girly girl clothing.
Hope you will play along in the challenge.


La Route des Scrappeuses #4

Aujourd'hui on pars pour le Finland à la découverte de Riikka Kovasin, Dt pour plusieurs grands noms comme 7Dots studios, mixed media place et les produits Finnabair.
Today we visit Finland and discover Riikka Kovasin DT for many vendors such as 7Dots studios, mixed media place and the Finnabair product line.
Le défi / The Chalenge:
Scraplift de cette page / Scraplift this page:
Le vidéo / The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nujoMdLPNbk
I have admired her work for a while, so it was really fun to actually create my page following her instructions on the youtube video. Thanks for the inspiration Riikka !


La route des Scrappeuses Défi #3

En route vers la France avec la découverte de Audrey Moyou
Audrey @ Romanovna dans les "zinternet" a 36 ans et vis en France, plus exactement en Bretagne. Elle s’est mise au scrapbooking depuis 8 ans, c'est à dire depuis la naissance de sa fille qui est l'un de ses principaux sujet de création. À ses début elle avait un style plus Shabby mais il y a un certain temps elle a changé de cap en devenant plus freestyle. Elle fait ou a fait partie de plusieurs équipes créatives de boutiques européennes et elle a même été l’amie créative de Cuts2luv en novembre dernier.

Vous pouvez visiter son blog ici : http://scrapderomanovna.canalblog.com/
So onto a visit in France and discovering Audrey Moyou
Audrey @ Romanovna is 36 years old, live in France (Bretagne area) and started scrapbooking 8 years ago after the birth of her daughter. Her style has evolved over the years from a more Shabby to a very freestyle page. She has been in many Europeen Creative teams and just recently features as a creative friend in November for Cuts2Luv.
Her blog: http://scrapderomanovna.canalblog.com/
Le défi, une page 12x12 avec beaucoup de clustering, option de faire un scraplift d'une de ses pages.
The challenge was to create a 12 x 12 page, using a cluster style, and we could also scraplift one of here pages.
Ma page / My page:
La page d'Audrey que j'ai scraplifté / The page that I scraplifted from Audrey:
Une superbe découverte, une fille que je vais certainement suivre de près, merci pour l'inspiration Audrey !
A wonderful artist that I will follow for certain, thanks for the inspiration Audrey !


Inspiration Wednesday Part 3

Sooo, already week 3 of the Inspiration Wednesday sessions.
The final part of my work:

I did find this one challenging because I kinda liked where I was starting, but true to the session, I followed the steps of the class. I am pleased with the results, but trust I struggled along....
The Start, I kinda like it just like this...but had to go on:
Adding on the Buff and white:
Adding on numbers and decide to go with dark turquoise versus black, now I liked it here too, but needed to go on:
So I did, here is a close-up of the last section:
Thanks Donna for a wonderful class once again

La route des Scrappeuses #2

En route vers l"Espagne cette fois avec une découverte de Esther Ayala. J'adore son style libre, les amas de couleurs vives qu'elle utilise. Une superbe découverte.
This 2nd Destination is Spain and the discovery of a talented artist Esther Ayala. I Love her freestyle and usage of vibrant colors. What a wonderful discovery.
Le défi / The challenge:
- photo polaroïd (1 ou plusieurs mais Polaroïd obligatoirement pour toutes) / Polaroid picture frames- Eclats de peinture / Paint splatters
- barbouillage ou dessin à la main / Doodling
Ma page pour ce défi / My page for this challenge
La page est une photo souvenir de notre voyage au parc Universal Studios Harry Potter, la nouvelle section Diagon Alley. Une superbe journée avec ma famille l'été dernier. C'est tellement magique ce moment.
The page is a souvenir of our visit to Universal Studios Diagon Alley last summer. Visiting the Harry Potter section is so Magical. So happy to have had such a wonderful time with my family last summer.

Alors, je vous encourage de faire une petite visite en Espagne et de découvrir les oeuvres de Esther / Now I encourage you to visit Esther's blog and discover her magic work...