Day 27 of the 365 ATC Challenge

My Playtime: 365 days of ATC's

My Playtime: 365 days of ATC's

365 days of ATC's

I've decided to participate in the Challenge of Making 1 ATC card per day. I'll try my best to keep this posted as they are done. I encourage you to go visit the link to see other artists work !

Here is my Jan 26th ATC... Wanna guess where I'd like to be?

Poppets for my 39th Birthday

Ok, so I'm a day late, but Yesterday was my birthday and I took the day off and spent it doing scrapbooking and ATC's.

I am participating in a SWAP for Poppets inspired by Claudine Hellmuth's style and work.

So I have decided to do my familly as Poppets....In order: Philippe, Gabriel & Serge.


Recreate a postage stamp SWAP

This swap was a challenge since I don't draw or paint really often, but it seemed like fun to do and I'm really pleased with my results.


Back to Scrapbooking

Ok, So I've neglected my scrapbooking pages recently and have focused my energy on making ATC'S... so here is my most recent scrapbooking page.

The butterflies on this page are made from using Ranger INKS on acetate sheets, then cut with a punch. The picture does not give them justice. Also, on this page, I used distress inks and a Tim Holtz mask. Here is a closer picture of the butterflies:

Tim Holtz

Well, If you don't know him by now, you absolutly need to go check out his site.

Tim Holtz in my book is my absolute favorite artist. I love his style, his work and all of his products. They are high quality products that are worth the investment. I've just recently had the courage to LET GO and try many of these techniques like distress and playing with inks. What can I say I am in love. So for thoses of you who are hesitating on where to invest in your tools... This is the place to go.


My Favorite ATC vintage style cards

Here are a Few of my Favorite ATC vintage style cards that I have made recently.

Artist Trading Cards

Can you say OBSESSED !
Well this really defines my passion for theses little works of art.
So, what are ATC's, they are small pieces of art that are meant to be traded. The only limitation is the size, think about a hockey trading card, but now for the art world... It's a 3.5 x 2.5 inch card that allows for you to just create your miniwork of art. I've listing my trading site below.
Since november, I've created and traded over 70 cards. This project has been very rewarding in many ways. Not only have I exchanged with many wonderful artists from around the world, but also, I've challenged myself out of my comfort zones and tried new mediums.
I'll be posting quite a few of theses, since this is where I've been spencing most of my time recently.
Here is my VERY FIRST ATC card, this is when I fell in Love...

Cards for Sick Kids

Making My first Cards, Back in november, I was touched by a card drive that I found on Jennifer McGuire's blog. She was collecting cards for sick children and her parents. I'd never done cards before and felt that this was a perfect way to start. In all, I made about 15 different cards. I used the opportunity of card making for trying out a few new techniques. This card for instance is a stamped image, I colored the image using chalks. Then I added some glitter chalks for highlight effects. I was actually very proud of my first card. I hope it will bring to one of the little kids that they were destined for.

Let's get started

Well, over the last few months, I've been so inspired by my fellow scrapbooking artists, that I've decided to create a space of my own. I hope to share with you, some of the wonderful experiences that we live as a Family or my own work as a hobby artist.