Putting the learnings into practice

So yes, I am still on my high from my Dina Wakley classes... still addicted to my Art Journal and playing with the color theories taught by Dina.



Faces, faces & more faces

So the 100 faces challenge is coming along. I am enjoying the learning process and seeing progress with everyone I am making. Si here are my most recent pieces... 14-15 & 16...

Wow. who knew I would be enjoying this so much...
So if you are tired of seeing so many faces, you can blame Dina Wakley, it's her fault.. LOL


Colors class with Dina Wakley

Our class last sunday was based on colors... Learning the basics, learning how to combine and coordinate colors. Dina does cover this in her first book, but Live with her was much better.

I attended with my good friend Marie-France aka Badbarbie, love this selfie with Dina

And here are my 2 fabulous pages for this class...

Love this class. Thanks Dina !



100 Faces, coming along

So I have been having fun since my class last week. I've been working on my faces.  Still struggling with the eyes and mouths, but I am seeing progress.

This one is inspired by Jessica Durrant, it is called The lone Tree. Trust me when I say it is nowhere as beautiful as the original. I sure admire her work.

Ok, so I got inspired by this magazine picture, but I feel she looks like one of the avatar people. 

Last night I was at a teacher conference and  while I was waiting, I decided to scribble.

Last but not least, my last girl of the day...

It is coming along, everyday, I am seeing progress....

Thanks to Dina Wakley for a wonderful class.



Dina Wakley class- Faces

Oh my, what can I say other than I spoiled myself rotten last weekend and attended a few classes with none other than Mixed -Media queen Dina Wakley. Over the years, when I started creating playing with mixed-media, I have bought her book and have admired her work by following her work. 

Not only is she very talented, but she is a fabulous teacher and a very sweet person.

So, I totally got out of my comfort zone with her faces class. I have never taken a drawing class and faces have intimated me since forever. I decided to take the leap and just try it. 

Our first instruction was to create a face without any instruction, 30 seconds only, no think go she said...

So I'll skip a few, but here is the first face where Dina got us to mix our own paint for the skin tone, lucky me to have my friend Sophie mixing the batch, here she is my pink hair beauty Face #4

Face #5 is a side view, oh my what a challenge, the change in perspective is quite different and difficult. I like the result, I think she looks like a Disney Princess with her big eyes.

Challeng #6, Drawing one of our friends. Well, can you say I stopped breathing at this part... I have to say it does kinda look like Caroline, what do you think?

Challenge #8, Color block technique, the concept is to paint a mix pallet on the page in the shape of a face, then draw the face afterwards. I like how it turned out. Can't wait to do a few more of them soon.

So, now we have been put to a challenge, to draw 100 faces...

So I am going to do this challenge, I really do want to improve this and let's see how much I can train myself to draw in the next few months.



Défi Septembre Lucky 7 Factory

Le défi du mois: Tissu
This months challenge: Adding Fabric to your work

Pour mon défi, j'ai pris mon bandeau de course Color Run, une façon de commémorer cette superbe activité faite avec mes amies Marie-France, Sonia, Mélanie et Tanya. Je vous avise, d'autres pages vont suivre avec cette thématique..

I used my race bandanna as the fabric on my page, a nice way to keep it as a souvenir. If you have never done the Color Run racem you have to, it was a fantastic experience.

Amusez-vous !
Have fun creating !