My 40Th Birthday Gift !!!!

It's official, I'm 40 today... And this is what I requested as a gift... a renovation of my scraproom. Well, we kinda had to, since we had found some mold in the walls, but over the holiday period, my husband was a dear and renovated the whole room. We kept many of my storage solutions, but we added a few extras.

I've been screening the web over the last few months for the inspirations and trying to find storage solutions that would work in the space I had while keeping things in a reasonnable budget. Some of the ideas you might have seen on other sites and some are just inspired by an IKEA and Homesens sale...

SO... Here it is after numerous hours of work...

Here is my work station, where I color, cut and assemble. Most of my products are at arms lenght, I LOVE IT !
The storage solutions for my inks are for cassettes tapes and for my other products, I used a cutlery storage rack, that we hung up on the wall. Here is a closer look:

Most of my furniture is from IKEA, I found this metal cabinet in the ''As Is'' section for a great discount price, it's perfect for storing my Martha Stewart and border punches. Also found theses gorgeous white shelves at a wednesday sale for 18$ each... What luck! they are usually price around 60$, I couldn't resist...

My hidden ribbon storage (located behind my entrance door)... I've purchased some metal storage solutions for kitchen supplies, my spool ribbons fit perfectly inside. For my ribbons by the meter, I use a plastic tag storage solution that fits well on a round  metal clip and store them by color scheme. Also, I found theses gorgeous blue storage bins that are perfect for my pens, scisors and coloring pencils and they were 0.69$ each, what a steal...
Last but not least, my IKEA table, used to layout my papers or to have a few friends over to scrap with...

As you can see... I'm really excited about new new Scraproom... and now my husband is really gonna have a hard time trearing me away from my favorite passion !!!

What a way to celebrate a 40th anniversary !


Ahhh une page de ma mignonne Maya, n'est-elle pas ADORABLE?

Isn't she ADORABLE... My beautiful Maya...

Le Sourire = That Smile says it all...

What can I say... just look at the smile on Gabriel's face and you can see the fun he was having that day, a first trial at horeseback riding many years ago. Thanks to my wonderful friend Manon (Girafe) for again, the inspiration with her many sketches.

Que dire de plus... Le sourire vaut mille mots. En regardant cette photo, nul doute le bonheur de cette premi're excursion en cheval. Aussi, merci à mon amie Manon (Girafe) pour le sketch fabuleux qui m'a inspiré tant.

Fun in the Sun- Page kit du mois Girafe

Voici une belle page fait avec mon tout dernier kit du mois de la boutique Art du Scrapbooking. Le sketch inclus dans le kit fut ma source d'inspiration pour cette page.

Here is my most recent page made with my monthly kit from Art du Scrapbooking. The inspiration is from the sketch included in the kit.



Karma Sketch C-Janvier 2011

Ma toute première page comme DT pour Karma, alors voici mon interprétation du sketch C. Les papiers sont une combinaison de Lucky 7.


Wood ART

During our trip to Hawaii, we found this gorgeous wood sculpture, it looks so real... I have no clue who the artist is, but I sure admire the work.

Lors de notre voyage a Hawaii, sous avons découvert cette magnifique sculpture de bois. Je ne connais pas l'artiste, mais j'admire son travail énormément.

Sketch Karma Scrap !


Mon Grand-père... Grand Father....

Voici la 2e page fait avec mon kit du mois de la boutique Art du Scrapbooking. C'est une page en honneur de mon grand-père Devost qui est décédé d'un cancer quand je n'avais que 2 ans. Je ne l'ai pas connue beaucoup, mais je sais qu'il fut un homme exceptionnel. Un ange qui nous surveille certainement.

Here is the 2nd page made in honnor of my Grandad, who passed away when I was only 2 years old. Altough I did not know him long, I know that he was a remarkable man and he's surely one of the Angels looking out for us.


Kit du mois

J'adore cette vieille photo de moi, je dois dire que c'est une de mes préférés. Lorsque j'ai préparé mon kit du mois pour la boutique Art du Scrapbooking, j'ai vue ce papier et j'ai eu un coup de coeur. Il est parfait pour mettre ma photo en valeure.

Je reviens vous montrer le kit et mes autres pages plus tard.
Bonne Journée !


Kit du mois Octobre / October kit

Voici mon mini-album fait avec mon kit du mois d'octobre de la boutique Art du scrapbooking. Le kit fut créer par nulle autre que mon amie Sophie ! Simplement magnifique avec des couleurs automnales.