Case File 153 as Special Investigator for CSI- Happy Adventure

Well, at times, some fun journeys come to an end, and thus this is my last page as Special Investigator for the CSI team. I have to say that I have truly enjoyed the oppportunity and hope that I have can inspire you one last time to participate in solving this latest case file.
For the Case file # 153, we need to document a milestone that you have celebrated.
For me in 2014, my biggest milestone was achieving a 5K race under 40 minutes. First hand, you need to remember that last January I could not run 2 minutes strait. So, no matter the time, for me, running a 5K is a milestone that I have celebrated and I hope to build on it in 2015.
My evidence:
Border punch
Drip something: Gelatos
Texture paste: I used Fiber paste by Golden
Circle: My flowers
Bakers Twine
My testimony is about being inspired by my friends who are running half marathons, granted they have been doing this for a while, but I decided that I could at least do a 5K. And I did... It was not easy, I trained 3 times a week with the Running Room team, but I am very proud of myself for this achievement.
So here are two of my favorite products that I have used to create my page:
Golden's Fiber Paste: I looooove it.. It add such great texture and dries relatively quickly, this is good the me since I like to get done in the same day.
Gelatos colors: Mint, Pink and Red. What I love the most about Gelatos is when I make them drip on a page. For some reason, it adds a softness that I cannot get with other products. Remember to put a thin quote of Gesso on your page first.
Here is the case file if you want to join in on the fun
So CSI Team, Thanks for the Happy Adventure too... It was really fun to be your January Special Investigator.


Inspiration Wednesday 2nd Class

So have you joined in on the fun yet? It's not too late, and so I am enjoying learning about new products that I have not used before.
And guess what, funny to say, Hubby is away again tonight and it’s the second time that I focus this away time for my Inspiration Wednesday projects… Happy time in my crafty space.
For this page, I wanted to kinda following the colors that Donna had, but I had nothing close to that in my stock, so I opted for a more orangy base in my first wash color. Then I added the greys. I don't use grey very often, and I have no clue why since it is nice and classy... I wear grey often, so hmmmm why not go out of my comfort zone and go with the grey tonight...
So I used two types of mid-tone grey. One average paint and one iridescent paint. You can't catch the shimmer on camera, but I like the effect in subtle touches.
It's my birthday on friday, so on this page, behind the tab, I allowed myself some room for what I wanted to wish myself for 2015. I liked the Baggage Claim tag that I had, and the words Snapshot & Life. For some reason, they spoke to me, and I am really pleased how my page turned out. I had some old rub-ons and decided to get a few on just for fun.
I used for the background, the Tim Holtz decorative paper. You know the kind where you buy the box then store ut nicely in your room and forget to use, yes that one that I have had for over 4 years... I think it was about time I did.
So I have a few friends playing along with #IW2015, can't wait to see what they create too.
Have a great week !


Cuts2luv January challenge

Are you a fan of BADGES ?
If so, you need to have a look at my friend Caroline's crafty badges over at Cuts2luv
She just started her new blog, and has posted a really fabulous challenge, so there was no option, I just had to get in on the fun.
For my page, out of her challenge board, I did:
-Added triangles in my background with stamps and a stencil
-Remplaced the O in Chigago by one of here beautiful badges
-Used the color combo for my layout
Now have a look at this gorgeous city with an ink splash badge, I just love it !



La route des Scrappeuse Défi #1

Les filles de Scrap aux puces ont mis tout un beau défi sur le forum: La Route des Scrappeuse.
The Design Team from Scrap aux puces are taking us on a trip around the world, we are getting to know scrapbooking artists and challenged to  create a page inspired by that artist.
Cette fois on s'inspire du travail de Lisa Griffith pour notre page.
This time, we are getting inspiration from Lisa Griffith for our page
Voici ma page pour ce 1er défi. J'ai utilisé une technique de glacis pour le fond que nous avons appris avec Donna Downey lors de notre cours Inspiration Wednesdays de Janvier.
For this 1st page, I used technique that was taught by Donna Downey during her recent Inspiration Wednesday class.
Les photos doivent être en noir et blan ou en sépia. Pour ma part, j'avais cette vieille photo des soeurs jumelles de ma mère que je souhaitais fairedepuis un bout. Malheureusement, les jumelles Nora et Dora sont décédés de maladies infantiles avant l'âge de 2 ans. Je vais offrir cette page à ma mère comme souvenir de ses deux soeurs.
The picture has to be black & White or sepia. I had this picture of my mom's twin sisters that I have been wanted to do for a while, I thought that it would be perfect for this challenge. The twins Nora & Dora, unfortunatly passed away while they were under 2 years old. I will give this page to my mom as a souvenir of her sisters.
Le combo couleur que l'on doit utiliser:
The color combo we had to use:

  Le blog de Lisa /  Lisa's Blog
Lisa Griffith (USA) http://thepaperattic.blogspot.ca /


CSI Case File CC-4

Hi everyone, so it's January 1st today, I hope that you have enjoyed your holidays.
For my part, I still have a few days before I have to get back to the hustle of the work, so I hope that like me, you will have some time to play with your stash and get crafty !
So as Special Investigator for CSi this month, I hope you will join in on the fun. This first challenge is FROZEN inspired. 
Here is my page for this challenge:

My Evidence for this challenge:

3 of something: Clouds 
Glitter (on the snowflakes)

My title is inspired by the prompt phrase: Today is the first day of the rest of your SKI season 2013

In my testimony, I was inspired by the word Frozen
Here is a closer look, and what is that I see? A lovely Cuts2Luv badge, Yummy nice...

Now if you want to get in on the fun, here is the Case File CC-4



My Magical day with Donna Downey

Hi ladies, so here is a page that I have been wanting to do for a while, but I was lacking the inspiration to do it. Then I found this background paper, and I knew it was just perfect for this page. I took a class 2 years ago now with Donna. It was a fabulous day that I took to spoil myself with the creativity and fun of Donna's teachings. It was a Pan Pastelle class. What can I say other than I loved it. I had this great picture of the both of us that I had not scrapped yet. Then while spending a crafty evening with my friend Marie-France, she showed me one of her new stamp sets and that was my starting point.
Voici une photo qui dormais dans mes tiroirs depuis 2 ans. Il y a longtemps que je voulais mettre en souvenir cette belle journée de formation avec Donna Downey et en trouvant ce papier, j'ai craqué. En plus, ma copine Marie-France avait cette étamps qui était PARFAITE pour cette page.
Un peu de gelatos sur la page et le tour est joué!
A bit of Gelatos on the page and that was it !
La fameuse étampe qui m'inspira cette page, trop comique n'est-ce pas? / The stamp that insired my page, just too funny don't you think?
Donna rockin her turquoise glasses and myself/ Donna avec ses belle lunettes turquoise et moi.

Le croquis est un défi SAP / Sketch is a SAP challenge
Hope you like it !
J'espère que vous aimez !


Page Art Journal- Cours Passion Collimagination Janvier

Bonjour les filles / Hi ladies
Voici mon prochain cours qui aura lieu ce jeudi 15 janvier à la boutique Passion Collimagination.  On vous attends en grand nombre pour une belle soirée créative.
Here is my next class for Passion Collimagination store on January 15th. Come and join in on the fun.


CSI Case File 152- Special Investigator- Daisy & Me

So I am enjoying my time as a special investigator on the CSI team for January.
This next challenge has a selection of my favorite colors: Turquoise and bright green. I was so inspired by that Image about having a festive theme that it mad me think as to what picture I could use for this challenge. I like when my pictures kinda match the colors schemes, I just find it makes it easier to create my page.
Now, for a festive image, well, let's just say that our Disney vacation came to mind, and then I found this picture of Daisy Duck and myself. It was our 2nd trip to Disney, but it was the first time that I saw Daisy... I was really happy to get my picture with her.

My evidence for this case file:

Polka Dots
Jewels in the shape of Mickey Mouse 

My journaling in located in 2 sections, the first part is the top of my page and the second is on a smart card. My journaling is about having this picture as a GIFT. The Walt Disney World experience truly is a Dream come true and I hope to have the chance to go back for many time again.

I hope you will join in on the fun. So here is the case file, I hope you will be as inspired as I was.



Inspiration Wednesdays with Donna Downey

Ok, so you know how much I Love and admire Donna Downey, so there was no way that I was going to miss out on the fun of joining the group for the weekly videos.
I went nuts and even spoiled myself rotten with one of her Journals, trust me shipping to Canada is not innexpensive, so this is my birthday gift from me to me. (Yup my birthday is in January, so I can make this work..)
As I watched the video today I realised I was missing a key ingredient.. The Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid. Leave it to me to go to the craft store, on my way back from work, in a snow storm to be able to play in my craft room tonight since my hubby is away. Yes, I can confirm, I am nuts.
So here is my Intro page of my journal:
So... again miss impatient here, I struggled with my 2015. The <15> kept coming off when I was washing with the baby wipes. Again, I was too much in a hurry and probably should have given the molding paste more time to dry, but who has time??? Tonight was MY night. So, I ended up placing my date tag over the <15> to cover it up. Oh well, That is what happens when you are on a deadline. LOL
I used my word of the year: Believe, again I struggled with my stencils being too big or too small... So I did a mix, It's different, but I like the result.
Here the cover of my Journal, I am loving the turquoise and orange colors on it. The lotus flower gives it a Zen look. You can never have enough ZEN moments, and this is exactly what Mixed-Media gives me, my Zen moments.
NOW... the CHALLENGE for 2015.... Having the time and the DISCIPLINE to do them all. SO... I truly hope that I can do every project since I know how much joy they will bring me.
 Cheers To 2015 ! I am off to a great start !

Challenge YOUrself January Challenge

It's time for the January Challenge ! And this month the challenge is an easy one. What we are looking for is: One Little Word...
My Little word for this year will be : Believe
Why believe you ask? well, in 2014, I challenged myself to lose weight and run my 1st 5K race. I constantly reminded myself that I am good at achieving goals, that I could do it and I did...
So in 2015, I still need to Believe in myself, in my capabilities and have faith that I can achieve what I set my goals to. I want to continue on my path to lose weight and want to run another 5K race by improving my time and making it easier. Too often I get into periods of self doubt about my abilities at work, as a mom, and in myself to keep on track. I need to stop listening to that little voice of doubt in my head and have the confidence required. I need to Believe in myself on more levels.
Here is my page for this challenge:
So whast is your word for 2015?


Been there done that !

One of the values that I am trying to give my kids is that they need to TRY.
Last winter, my eldest son wanted to do like his brother and try snowboarding, so I got him set-up, rented a board, got him some lessons and off he went.
I found the January challenge at Scrapauxpuces perfect for this page. We had to use Rub-ons, lucky me I had some in my stash that were just perfect for this winter picture of my son Philippe when he tried snowboarding last winter. TRIED is the word here since he decided it was not for him and stuck to skiing instead. But I am very proud that he did try the eperience. It takes courage to try new things, sometimes we like it, other times not so much, but unless you trym you will never know...

This stamp that my friend Marie-France had was just perfect... As soon as I saw her stamp, I knew exactly what photo would go along with it. What better way to keep a record of my son trying to snowboard and yes we do have the photo to prove it. Loving that stamp !

 Got to say that I love my i-phone for taking pictures, it is just so handy and does a great job. You don't always plan for moments with your camera, but having my i-phone makes daily moments so much easier to capture.


Case File 151- Special Investigator- Birthday Cuteness

It is time for the Page Draft sketch by the Nifty Pixel challenge along with the CSI case file.
So I just love my silhouette portrait for cutting titles. Like this number file with the word Birthday inside, just could not resist. Here is a closer look and oh yes, loving my badge from my favorite Etsy store Cuts2luv:
My eveidence for this case file:
Pleating: my flowers
Triangles: Used my favorite stamp roller
Animal: Butterflies & snail made in Fimo
Texture paste
My Testimony hand written on the journal card, mentioning my 2 year old Diva attitude, what can I say, I was just spoiled rotten by my family being the only one in my grand-parents Devost side.
Truly fabulous challenge, I hope you will join in on the fun, here is the case file:


January Special Investigator for CSI

Good morning ladies, I have exciting news, Guess who was invited to play along with the CSI team as a Special Investigator.... ME ! 

I am loving the January theme, it's all about celebrations ! 

I hope you will come and play along in the next few challenges.