My Harry Potter look !

Well... I can dream... but this is probably as close as I'll get of being in the Harry Potter team....

And by the way... did I mention that waiting till july to see part 2 is going to be a challenge.... I can't wait...

Inspired by great ideas

I have to say that I do love great ideas, and this one came from my good friend Christine. I'm working on my new scraproom and I'm finding that with my stamp and scrap addiction, I sure have lots of products. Christine came up with a wonderful idea for her unmounted stamp storage.

I loved the idea and i've found a similar product to store my unmounted stamps. It better fits my needs since I don't travel much with my stamps and it take up less space in my craftroom.

I purchased an expanding file folder for office depot, it's a stand alone model and all my pages are seperated. Easy access in and out. Just like I need it to be.

Thanks again Christine for the inspiration and your great ideas, I encourage you to visit her blog, she is a very talented artist. Christine's Blog


Kimmie Proute fête ses 3 ans !

Félicitation à KIM! Je suis grande Fan des boutons fait maison de Kim, je vous invite de venir participer aux défis pour célébrer son 3e anniversaire!

Congratulations Kim on celebrating your 3rd year anniversary for your kimmieprout hand made buttons.. I love your hand made pieces and hope you'll have great success in you new forum.


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 1

 Yes !!! On a des billets pour vendredi 10h00... J'ai trop hâte....

We've got tickets for Friday night show... can't wait !!!

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 1: "TV Spot 2"


My Favorite card Artist ! Jennifer McGuire

I'm sooo excited.... Guess who I've met.. None other than my absolute favorite card artist Jennifer McGuire. She is just the sweetest person and oooh sooo talented. I admit, she inspired me to start making cards. Over the past year, I've also participated in her card drive for sick kids. Also, she just makes the best videos, her techniques are fun and easy to follow. Take the time to check out her Blog

Quel chance... j'ai rencontré l'artiste qui m'a inspiré a faire des cartes, nulle autre que Jennifer McGuire. C'est une fille super sympatique et très talentueuse. Ses vidéos son parmi les meilleurs pour les démonstrations de produits. Je vous invite de visiter son Blog

A Gift for Mom *** Un Cadeau pour ma mère

Here is a Christmas Gift I've made for my Mom, it's a picture of her with my grand-parents, she was probably 10-12 years old when this was taken. I'm sure she's gonna Love this !

Voici un cadeau de Noël pour ma mère, c'est une photo de mes grand-parents et elle devait avoir 10-12 ans lors de la prise de cette photo. Je crois qu'elle sera très heureuse de recevoir cette page.


Shabby Chic

Voici ma page fait lors du crop weekend, avec le cours Shabby Chic de notre adorable Scrapvalou !

Et oui, c'est bien moi.... Full permanente et cheveux crêpés. Oui il fut un temps ou ce fut à la mode... Ne riez pas trop quand même...


Ok.. don't laugh, I was 16 at the time.... Gotta love the permed look, it was in fashion at the time.

This is my first attempt at a Shabby Chic page. We completed this one with the guidance of my adorable friend Scrapvalou. We had a great time during her class and I really enjoyed making this page...

Retour du Crop Weekend

Ouf... Fatiguée... mais tellement heureuse.... Ce fut une superbe fin de semaine. Nous avons eu tellement de plaisir.... 

On s'est fait de nouvelles amies... Merci à Martine qui a pris cette belle photo de moi et Valérie lors de notre cours de page Shabby chic... Il était dimanche fin de journée, nous étions un peu fatigué, mais nous avons rigolé amplement. Je reviens vous montrer ma page sous peu....

So, our Crop weekend was a blast, ok, I'm a bit tired, but it was worth it.... Made some new friends and plenty of great memories... 

Thanks to Martine for this beautiful picture of Valerie and myself during the shabby chic class at the end of the day Sunday... Yes, we laughed like crazy, we were tired, but it was just perfect... I'll come show you my project soon...