Inspiration Wednesdays with Donna Downey

Ok, so you know how much I Love and admire Donna Downey, so there was no way that I was going to miss out on the fun of joining the group for the weekly videos.
I went nuts and even spoiled myself rotten with one of her Journals, trust me shipping to Canada is not innexpensive, so this is my birthday gift from me to me. (Yup my birthday is in January, so I can make this work..)
As I watched the video today I realised I was missing a key ingredient.. The Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid. Leave it to me to go to the craft store, on my way back from work, in a snow storm to be able to play in my craft room tonight since my hubby is away. Yes, I can confirm, I am nuts.
So here is my Intro page of my journal:
So... again miss impatient here, I struggled with my 2015. The <15> kept coming off when I was washing with the baby wipes. Again, I was too much in a hurry and probably should have given the molding paste more time to dry, but who has time??? Tonight was MY night. So, I ended up placing my date tag over the <15> to cover it up. Oh well, That is what happens when you are on a deadline. LOL
I used my word of the year: Believe, again I struggled with my stencils being too big or too small... So I did a mix, It's different, but I like the result.
Here the cover of my Journal, I am loving the turquoise and orange colors on it. The lotus flower gives it a Zen look. You can never have enough ZEN moments, and this is exactly what Mixed-Media gives me, my Zen moments.
NOW... the CHALLENGE for 2015.... Having the time and the DISCIPLINE to do them all. SO... I truly hope that I can do every project since I know how much joy they will bring me.
 Cheers To 2015 ! I am off to a great start !


Lizzyc said...

I really enjoyed reading your post and had a bit of a giggle too! Love your journal cover and look forward to seeing your pages inside it!

Sherri Caramico said...

You are off to an AMAZING start! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! The colors, the textures, and depth of it all! Oh - and you really used the opportunity to include the tag with the date stamped on it very wisely ;-) LOVE IT and you post was a great read too!