Case File 153 as Special Investigator for CSI- Happy Adventure

Well, at times, some fun journeys come to an end, and thus this is my last page as Special Investigator for the CSI team. I have to say that I have truly enjoyed the oppportunity and hope that I have can inspire you one last time to participate in solving this latest case file.
For the Case file # 153, we need to document a milestone that you have celebrated.
For me in 2014, my biggest milestone was achieving a 5K race under 40 minutes. First hand, you need to remember that last January I could not run 2 minutes strait. So, no matter the time, for me, running a 5K is a milestone that I have celebrated and I hope to build on it in 2015.
My evidence:
Border punch
Drip something: Gelatos
Texture paste: I used Fiber paste by Golden
Circle: My flowers
Bakers Twine
My testimony is about being inspired by my friends who are running half marathons, granted they have been doing this for a while, but I decided that I could at least do a 5K. And I did... It was not easy, I trained 3 times a week with the Running Room team, but I am very proud of myself for this achievement.
So here are two of my favorite products that I have used to create my page:
Golden's Fiber Paste: I looooove it.. It add such great texture and dries relatively quickly, this is good the me since I like to get done in the same day.
Gelatos colors: Mint, Pink and Red. What I love the most about Gelatos is when I make them drip on a page. For some reason, it adds a softness that I cannot get with other products. Remember to put a thin quote of Gesso on your page first.
Here is the case file if you want to join in on the fun
So CSI Team, Thanks for the Happy Adventure too... It was really fun to be your January Special Investigator.

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