Been there done that !

One of the values that I am trying to give my kids is that they need to TRY.
Last winter, my eldest son wanted to do like his brother and try snowboarding, so I got him set-up, rented a board, got him some lessons and off he went.
I found the January challenge at Scrapauxpuces perfect for this page. We had to use Rub-ons, lucky me I had some in my stash that were just perfect for this winter picture of my son Philippe when he tried snowboarding last winter. TRIED is the word here since he decided it was not for him and stuck to skiing instead. But I am very proud that he did try the eperience. It takes courage to try new things, sometimes we like it, other times not so much, but unless you trym you will never know...

This stamp that my friend Marie-France had was just perfect... As soon as I saw her stamp, I knew exactly what photo would go along with it. What better way to keep a record of my son trying to snowboard and yes we do have the photo to prove it. Loving that stamp !

 Got to say that I love my i-phone for taking pictures, it is just so handy and does a great job. You don't always plan for moments with your camera, but having my i-phone makes daily moments so much easier to capture.

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