Love you

I have had this picture for 2 years now. It's one of my dad and myself, taken during his last few days at the hospital. Hard to believe that it has already been two years. I miss him alot, I was a true Daddy's girl. Lucky for me, we had the chance to spend alot of time together before he passed away.
I wanted a page that had debth, it kinda makes me feel that I was able toput on paper the debth of my love for my Dad. This LoveYou wood veneer was perfect, because even if we spoke french at home, we often said Love you instead of Je t'aime. I knew this was the perfect title for this page. The mixed-media background was created by using Golden Acrylique Glaze, my favorite new product of the last few weeks. I am just so happy about how it turned out.
Did I have fun doing this page? Oh yes, here are my blue fingers to prove it:
Gotta love that mixed-media manicure !

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