Challenge YOUrself- Bucket List

It's time for another challenge with the team from Challenge YOUrself.
This month, we want to see your Bucket List !
What are you planning to do, or what have you planned that you have accomplished. For my page, I used my 2014 Bucket List. Last year I challenged myself to several things:
1-Lose 20 lbs
2-Start Running
3-Complete the Color Run race
4-Run my 1st 5 K race
5- Get my sons to Run.
So it was a challenging list since even when I was young, I have never been able to run. I was always catching my breath after 2 minutes. For some reason, I could do cardio and other team sports but never running. So this was a truly great challenge for me. I am a goal oriented gal and I need to have fun, so when I discovered the Color Run, I got a group of friends together and set this up as one of my challenges for the year.
During the year, I joined a running group, this was for me the best way to ensure I would keep motivated. Towards the fall, my youngest son decided he wanted to try, so it was really fun to run with him. Ok, when I say run with him, I mean run way way way behind him, trust me we are not at the same speed for our running, but he would often circle back and join me.
We ran every sunday morning at 8H30, so it really took dedication for him to get up and get ready to run. We would also run on monday evenings and wednesday evenings with the Running room group.
So waht is next for 2015? Well, I am registered for the August Color Run.
With the winter, I have given up on running outside, but run at the Gym. I am can't wait for spring to come so we can start running outside again.
So what's on your Bucket List?


Sharon Fritchman said...

I love your bucket list challenge layout! So amazing!

kate blue said...

love this! I did my first Color Run in 204 but since I had a foot injury (and because I am heavy, I walked it!) But it was my first one and it was so much fun! Good for you for being so committed!