Chronique Scrap & Cie Qc

Bon matin, c'est le temps pour ma première chronique chez Scrap et Cie Qc. Je vous propose test tests pour imiter des produits Mixed-Media avec des produits maison. Alors je vous invite d'aller faire un petit tour ici:
Chronique Scrap & Cie Qc
Voici ma page Art Journal avec ce produit maison qui est le Couscous !
For my English friends... here is a summary of my findings...
I was able to reproduce a similar look of the glass beads Gel mediums of Golden by using Couscous mixed with standard gel medium. Thus abling us to avoid buying that extra jar... I also tried rice, but I did not like the results as much. Another favorite finding was instead of using paint to color my medium I used Ink or Silks.. Wow love the shine it gave to my gel medium. The pictures and products used can be found on the link above. Enjoy !

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