Case file 189- Adorable

Already time for my 3rd and last case as a Special Investigator for the CSI blog.
I just loved the color and theme of this challenge. To be honnest, I am not big on taking pictures of my drinks and food so I needed a picture. Special Thanks goes out to my friend Caroline (Elliam) for providing me this pic. Also you'll find her brand new die-cut (Adorable) and badges.
Here is the case file.
My Evidence: Food accent, enamel dots, String, Asteriks
My Testimony is written in a recipe format about how to create this wonderful Latte.
You like the badges and the die-cut, have a look at Caroline's Etsy store: Cuts2Luv
Miam... now I feel like going to get one...
Thanks again to the CSI team for the invitation to be Special Investigator, it's always a pleasure.
Have a great day !

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