Upcoming class

It's November, so it's time to start preparing your Christmas gifts. What doe you give a family member that has everything? My mother in law and my mom just have it all, and every year, it's a challenge to know what to get them. In the most recent years, I've been using my creativity to make cute family photo albums. This year I was inspired by my mixed-media classes.
In preparing my November class, I was at a loss for ideas, one student asked for a tree... As they say, the night can bring inspiration so I woke up the next morning and had this little project in mind.
So Melissa the store owner had bough some sets of lights, they were just perfect to add to this project. Simple to use, I attached the battery pack at the back, pierced the canvas and then started fixing the lights to canvas. Here is a sneak peak of what it looks like when lit:

So if you are in the Montreal area and want to join in on my class, feel free to join me at Passion Collimagination in Laprairie on November 26th.
Hope you can come join the fun !

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