The Color Run Montreal event !

Do you remember back in January, I had made a few commitments and one of them was to get in better shape and participate in the color run 5K in Montreal.
Well It's done ! 
I've completed my very 1st 5K, and not my last.

So yes, still working on the weight loss, but making baby steps and doing it in a healthy way. 

If you are not a runner, or want to start, this is what you need to register for. OMG what fun this was. It is already on my bucket list for 2015 ! There was 15,000 people registered for the Montreal race. It was simply AMAZING !

So here are a few pics of me and my friends, whom by the way, were very supportive, They run longer and faster than I do, so a BIG thanks to Marie-France, Sonia and Melanie,  Love Ya for being so Fabulous !

So what's next... well, I starting another running class next week, my goal is to do a non stop 5K by November... And yes, run again with the girls...


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