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Un nouveau Joujou... des crayons encre de Derwent. Pour la chronique en français, je vous invite d'aller faire un tour sur le site de Scrap et Cie Qc
A new toy, my Ink crayons by Derwent. The inktense crayons are really fun to play with, I Love the intenstity of the colors.
The Inktense pencils come in a variety of kit sizes or you can buy them individually. There are 72 colors in total.
To start, I gessoed my page, then with my crayon, I drew a patern. You make the lines fairly thick to ensure you have enough ink on your page. They feel like regular crayons, but once diluted they become ink and not watercolor.
Once your drawing is done, you take a wet paint brush and start pulling the ink from outside toward the Inside. You get a nice color wash effect.
Once dry, the colour is permanent and can be worked over with other media.  I did find that on a gesso finish, if i added more water, it reactivated the ink. I would recommend avoiding adding extra water if you want to keep the product at the finish you desire. Also, note that the colors can be mixed or blended together like watercolors.

I found that it was hard to doodle with my white Uni-ball Signo pen on this page. This was a surprise since the page is supposed to be dried ink, so I was not expecting this to not work well. My black Martha Stewart Calligraphy pen pigment ink worked perfectly, so I decided to doodle with that pen and also add my journaling.
Once my doodling was completed, I wanted to add dimension and shine. I used my pearl pens to add dimention dots and Distress Glitter with glossy accents to add some shiny outlines to my turquoise lines. I finished by added some white to my lettering with my Uni-Ball Signo pen. On the black Ink, my white pen worked perfectly.

I added some touches of white gesso at the end and I was really pleased to see that it did not reactivate the ink even though gesso is waterbased. This confirms that you can add-on any new medium to this background.  Here is the finished result:


As with all water-soluble pencils, you can put a wet brush onto an Inktense pencil  to pick up some ink and then brush this onto paper. It works very well when you want to add highlights to a project or if you want to color a stamped image.

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