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Lucky 7 Guest Detective - France Ringuette

Hi, I am a Lucky girl who moved from New-Brunswick to Montreal for work many years ago. I've been blessed with a fantastic husband and two gorgeous teen sons. My passion for crafts started when I was young, but I fell in Love with Scrapbooking when I needed a stress relief from the busy life of managing work and family. Scrapbooking is my psychotherapy, my release from a hectic world. I can`t say that I have a specific style other than I like to challenge myself. At the moment, I am enjoying the Mixed-media world and hope you will enjoy my work, come over to my blog and say Hi!
What is your favorite color(s) to work with? That`s easy, anything bright. I just love vibrant colors, my favorites are Turquoise, Lime Green and Red
What would you say is your 'fingerprint' on your scrapbook pages? Ooooh that`s a tough one, not sure I have a signature mark other than my choice in bold colors. I play around in many styles, so I can`t say that I have a brand specific to myself.
What is your favorite part about CSI--the colors, the stories, or the inspiration?  The colors are my favorite part because I often find that CSI chooses combinations that I had not considered and I always love to see each member`s interpretation of the color scheme.
Confession time. Okay, fess up! What secret do you not want to admit but are willing to confess here? I'd love to teach scrapbooking and mixed-media classes around the world one day, that would be an ultimate dream of conbining my two passions for art and traveling.
The link to CSI: HERE

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~Etoile~ said...

Félicitation, vraiment contente pour toi, j'adore ce site et leur défi, je serais DT invité pour janvier 2014.