Artist Trading Cards

Can you say OBSESSED !
Well this really defines my passion for theses little works of art.
So, what are ATC's, they are small pieces of art that are meant to be traded. The only limitation is the size, think about a hockey trading card, but now for the art world... It's a 3.5 x 2.5 inch card that allows for you to just create your miniwork of art. I've listing my trading site below.
Since november, I've created and traded over 70 cards. This project has been very rewarding in many ways. Not only have I exchanged with many wonderful artists from around the world, but also, I've challenged myself out of my comfort zones and tried new mediums.
I'll be posting quite a few of theses, since this is where I've been spencing most of my time recently.
Here is my VERY FIRST ATC card, this is when I fell in Love...

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