CSI Case File No 144- Disney Magic

So yes, another Disney page, what can I say other than well... we were there again this year, and yes I have tons of beautiful pictures that still need to be memorized...
This new color challenge at CSI were just perfect for this night picture of the Magic Kingdom Castle. Over the years, we have seen many firework shows, but I have to say that my absolute favorite is this one. The light show on the castle combined with the music and the fireworks makes it so... Magical...
My evidence for this page: Watercolor background, polka dots, stripes, triangles & phrase sticker
My Testimony: We were required to use words in a question format, so my question is the following:
Is there no LIMIT to the Magical Moments at Disney?

Here is a better view of the picture:

and now the Lime Citron button: 
Last but not least the case file if you want to join in on the fun:

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