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Ooooh what fun I had last Saturday with my good friend Isabelle. We went to the Jenn Star workshop at Scrapbook Centrale. It was a fantastic workshop and we had loads of fun. The project was a mix-media pennant, my fingers are still blue from playing around with the inks.
Here are a few pictures...
So, here we are creating the background for the big butterfly that I will later have cut out in pièces.

A picture of my friend Isabelle, she is doing the project for her daughter's room. It was her first time playing with mix-media, she loved it!

A picture of Isabelle and I at the end of the class:

Oh Yes, I need a picture with the teacher... She was sooo sweet.

And last but not least, a picture of the top part of my project, Love how the butterfly came out. This will look fantastic in my scraproom.

And yes... you guessed it,,, It has turquoise on it !

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Chantal Vandenberg said...

Awesome! Love your blog look too!!! :D